The Power of Positive Quotes

The Power of Positive Quotes; An insightful look into famous positive quotes with their meanings and teachings.


Positive Quotes are one of the highest trends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and many other Social Media platforms.  


Learn about the unspoken secrets to success hidden within quotes of Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Will Smith, Henry Ford, Sir Winston Churchill, and Philosophers including, Confucius, Socrates, Aristotle, and many others. Learn how you too can achieve your success through, 'The Power of Positive Quotes.'


The cover design is a collage of portraits representing Eastern, and Western philosophers.  These philosophers are the roots of the early popular recordings, written statements where we derive our famous positive quotes of today.


Invisible Education: The Lost Knowledge of Mankind

Do you ever wonder why to obtain success is such a challenge, is there a missing link to human education?  


Invisible Education is the lost knowledge of humankind. The form of education to unlock You! 


Invisible Education is the very foundation, the very start of all other types of knowledge, from where all other knowledge came. Invisible Education is the key foundation to your success. It is the educational key that opens all other doors of educational success. This form of Education is entirely different from your Mainstream Education and Educational System.


This book is inspired by the chapter 'Invisible Education from the book 'The Power of Positive Quotes.'


Millennials: Game Changers

"Calling out the 'Game Changers.'" 


"If you desire change, you need a changed mind. Hence, a changed people." - E L Graham.


Millennials - Game Changers is about the changing world of today and of tomorrow, through The Millennial Generation. The new type of thinker. Innovation, technology. Social Media Networks. The New world through The Internet.


FirstSense: The Lost Sense of Mankind

FirstSense - The Lost Sense of Mankind is a Principle that can radically transform your life. 


When time began, the world was balanced. War, pain, and lack were unknown because they did not exist. The world was abundantly fruitful.

Peace, joy, and happiness covered the land. Humanity and creation were in perfect harmony. All things were one, because mankind walked, operated by a higher sense of full awareness, called 'The FirstSense.'


This original system will empower you to achieve your personal success. Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Entertainer, Business or Sports Professional, you can now reach your full potential through FirstSense.